Jalál, 19 ‘Aẓamat (Grandeur), 179 B.E


Broadleaf plantain (Plantago major) is widely dispersed in the yard. It’s similar to common burdock, which I mentioned in my “Daily Log” post on 01 May 2022 (by the way, the featured plant is no more thanks to my partner who was done with it growing on the back steps).

According to Wikipedia, Plantago major was among the first European plants brought to North America by the Puritans. Its characteristics make it versatile in soil rehabilitation, as a landscaping ornamental, as food, and as an herbal medicine. Still, it’s described as a “contaminant” in cereal grain. I might transplant some of it into a garden spot instead of mowing it off when cutting the grass.


Removed mock strawberries (see “Daily Log” for 24 October 2021 for more information about them) from one of the raised beds and transplanted them to another location I starting to landscape. Hopefully, they’ll “take hold.” But if not, I have plenty of them in the other beds that can be a backup supply. Also, transplanted the three Scottish national flower plants from next to the driveway to an official garden spot. And they live up to their name, common thistle, as the barbs went through my gloves! They’d better bloom or they’re outta here!

Started diving into information on the TROM website in an effort to understand more about where the “trade free” initiative is headed and if or how I can help. The central thesis appears to be that a universal system of trade controls the behavior of nearly 8 billion people on the planet. It forces one to give something of comparable value, e.g., money, goods, services, labor, time, etc., in exchange for what one wants or needs. If one has nothing to give, one goes without. And if one is going without basic needs, which is often the case, then one becomes dependent on others for survival. Reduced to such a condition opens one up to unpleasant, unhealthy, and dangerous circumstances or involvement in nefarious activities. The bottom line is that trading is the enemy. We need to stop doing it and replace it with another system. I haven’t got far enough to know what the new system is, but then again I’ve just started my investigation…


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Question: Is it not a fact that universal peace cannot be accomplished until there is political democracy in all the countries of the world?

Answer: It is very evident that in the future there shall be no centralization in the countries of the world, be they constitutional in government, republican or democratic in form. The United States may be held up as the example of future government—that is to say, each province will be independent in itself, but there will be federal union protecting the interests of the various independent states. It may not be a republican or a democratic form. To cast aside centralization which promotes despotism is the exigency of the time. This will be productive of international peace. Another fact of equal importance in bringing about international peace is woman’s suffrage. That is to say, when perfect equality shall be established between men and women, peace may be realized for the simple reason that womankind in general will never favor warfare. Women will not be willing to allow those whom they have so tenderly cared for to go to the battlefield. When they shall have a vote, they will oppose any cause of warfare. Another factor which will bring about universal peace is the linking together of the Orient and the Occident. 1

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