Jamál, 10 ‘Ilm (Knowledge), 178 B.E.


My yard is becoming a bed of mock strawberries!

Although often characterized as an “invasive weed,” its fruit and leaves are both edible! 1


Replaced fluorescent tube bulbs in kitchen overhead light fixture with plug and play LED bulbs—what a difference!

Attended a Zoom meeting about how to write / prepare a will and testament from a Bahá’í perspective.


Astral Prospecting on Instagram: Dacryopinax spathularia (fan-shaped jelly fungus)

EDIBILITY: Edible. Used occasionally in Chinese cuisine. But these can be confused with inedible species, so don’t try them if you are not certain of their identity. 2


The purpose of this book is to assist Bahá’ís in deepening their understanding of the Bible, and to help those who are interested to prepare themselves for religious discussions with Christians. This book addresses two primary concerns: how to conduct friendly and positive dialogues with Christians, and what information would be the most helpful in such dialogues. Although more pages have been devoted to providing helpful information, without question it is the spirit in which we deliver that information that is the most important factor in our association with followers of other Faiths.

We often find ourselves interacting with Christians in a variety of contexts. For example, we may work with them in community service programs or in our professions, and we man encounter Christians among our family, friends, and neighbors. Such situations provide opportunities for discussing the Bahá’í teachings and explaining why Bahá’ís believe what they believe. However, whatever the circumstances in which we find ourselves discussing the Bahá’í Faith with Christians, we must always keep in mind that Bahá’u’lláh enjoins us to … 3

… consort with the followers of all religions in a spirit of friendliness and fellowship, to proclaim that which the Speaker on Sinai hath set forth and to observe fairness in all matters.

They that are endued with sincerity and faithfulness should associate with all the peoples and kindreds of the earth with joy and radiance, inasmuch as consorting with people hath promoted and will continue to promote unity and concord, which in turn are conducive to the maintenance of order in the world and to the regeneration of nations. Blessed are such as hold fast to the cord of kindliness and tender mercy and are free from animosity and hatred.

This Wronged One exhorteth the peoples of the world to observe tolerance and righteousness, which are two lights amidst the darkness of the world and two educators for the edification of mankind. Happy are they who have attained thereto and woe betide the heedless. 4

My sister and brother-in-law recently relocated and chose to donate several books in their library rather than move them. Many of these volumes are not well-known, but due to the topics they cover and the manner in which their authors explore them, they warrant a nod of recognition before being sent on their way. Accordingly, most quotes referenced in the “Quoted” section come from these books. Maybe they will stir (or renew) your interest, too.

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