Kamál, 01 Kamál (Perfection), 179 B.E


There’s a small bed of lady’s thumb (Persicaria maculosa) growing against the neighbor’s fence in Detroit. I have some in my raised bed in Ohio as reported in my “Daily Log” for 23 May 2022.

Invasive species, indeed ;-) But no doubt appreciated, although this patch is a little past its prime, bloom-wise, for the season.


Shared more of the points I want to address in writing later this week with Michael Greenman:

In terms of Global Rebirth, I’m thinking through how to use communications on Frameworks for Understanding the World, Greener Acres Value Network News, and Greener Acres Value Network TimeBank (on hOurworld) plus related social media to bring together three (maybe four) groups who each have a piece of the bigger picture: Global Rebirth / HTW (focus on climate change and the environment as an impetus for global systems change); ebbf / IEF (Global Solidarity Accounting framework); hOurworld / TimeBanks.ORG (time as a currency and medium of exchange). The fourth would be interfaith / religious pluralism which seems to be off to a good start when I consider our collective involvement with First UU, secular humanism, and Baha’i (essential spiritual / philosophical principles undergirding a “new world order”).

I’m aiming to get this approach drafted yet this week so I can start posting about it. You’ll definitely be among the absolute first to review it. And of course, your input at ANY TIME is quite 🙏.

Beyond that, I’ll apprise you of upcoming working group meetings hosted by the GSA folks at ebbf / IEF for your consideration in attending. For instance, I know of one, the “Human Needs” group, that has tentatively slated a Zoom session for 2 PM EDT on Wednesday, August 10. But I don’t want you to clog your calendar with a bunch of Zoom calls unnecessarily, so… More important to me is your willingness to stay in touch with the timebank platform leadership—at some point they are going to have a HUGE opportunity to make a BIG difference should they want to get involved. More on that later…

And made it back home from Detroit. Brother-in-law’s numbers at the doctor appointment looked good — yay! Tomorrow, it’s back in the saddle again, but I’m looking forward to a full night’s rest beforehand :-)


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All the organisms of material creation are limited to an image or form. That is to say, each created material being is possessed of a form; it cannot possess two forms at the same time. For example, a body may be spherical, triangular or square; but it is impossible for it to be two of these shapes simultaneously. It may be triangular, but if it is to become square, it must first rid itself of the triangular shape. It is absolutely impossible for it to be both at the same time. Therefore, it is evident in the reality of material organisms that different forms cannot be simultaneously possessed. In the spiritual reality of man, however, all geometrical figures can be simultaneously conceived, while in physical realities one image must be forsaken in order that another may be possible. This is the law of change and transformation, and change and transformation are precursors of mortality. Were it not for this change in form, phenomena would be immortal; but because the phenomenal existence is subject to transformation, it is mortal. The reality of man, however, is possessed of all virtues; it is not necessary for him to give up one image for another as mere physical bodies do. Therefore, in that reality there is no change or transformation; it is immortal and everlasting. The body of man may be in America while his spirit is laboring and working in the Far East, discovering, organizing and planning. While occupied in governing, making laws and erecting a building in Russia, his body is still here in America. What is this power which, notwithstanding that it is embodied in America, is operating at the same time in the Orient, organizing, destroying, upbuilding? It is the spirit of man. This is irrefutable. 1

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