Jamál, 15 ‘Núr (Light), 179 B.E


The steps to a rarely used outside entrance are covered in Spanish stonecrop (Sedem hispanicum)

Despite its name, it is not native to Spain. However, it is a succulent that requires minimal care and grows in places with little soil—like stone, hence its name. I may take some home and try it out!


Detroit: Day Eight. My partner and I cleaned several rooms in her brother’s home and helped him do some landscaping in the yard. I became acutely aware of the adage “a place for everything and everything in its place,” and how it’s not for me to levy my opinion about another person’s stuff or how they choose to display it. So, it was move this box from here to there, clean where it was, put it back. Repeat until it’s all been covered. Anyway, that job is done and all’s well that ends well.

Several years ago, Eric Dynamic (see my “Daily Log” post for 18 June 2022) wrote an article detailing his experience with UFOs. You can read it here. The email in which he referenced the article offered insightful commentary and thoughtful questions along with it. Here’s my response:

The rationale you present in your writing to confirm or challenge the various accounts of UFO existence, origin, and purpose is only valid from your perspective. This phenomenon speaks to a grander argument that yours is only one of 8 billion explanations, each being totally plausible in the mind of the one holding it. Here’s a recent article in Salon, Bill Barr’s parting gift to Donald Trump: A possible “get out of jail free” card, that explores just how convoluted it can get.

What the article opens up is the possibility that we tend to see differences of perspective as a matter of one view (mine) being “correct” while all others are “flawed.” As a result, we need to convincingly argue one’s rightness and others’ wrongness (determine who wins in a zero-sum game) before taking next steps. History shows this doesn’t always really help us solve problems without creating worse ones in their wake.

An alternative is to consider how we can entertain multiple points of view as “OK” then work within that complex domain to chart paths forward. In my opinion, we don’t know how to set aside our egos sufficiently to make it about the collective “We” rather than the individual “I.” And that precludes us from doing things like “share it as a profound step forward for humanity” — a step humanity sorely needs at this point, I might add!

Much of my career in organization change focused on how to get folks to find multiple ways that work and apply them as they have the means and will to do so rather than burn up energy winnowing the options down to a single approach that everyone had to adopt. What I learned foremost is that we humans are SO MUCH smarter and capable than our behavior suggests. That we are so out of sync in this regard lends credence to what a wise man I know said: “If we’re proud of that: maybe we didn’t deserve to exist after all.”

We can do better!


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What is real unity? When we observe the human world, we find various collective expressions of unity therein. For instance, man is distinguished from the animal by his degree, or kingdom. This comprehensive distinction includes all the posterity of Adam and constitutes one great household or human family, which may be considered the fundamental or physical unity of mankind. Furthermore, a distinction exists between various groups of humankind according to lineage, each group forming a racial unity separate from the others. There is also the unity of tongue among those who use the same language as a means of communication; national unity where various peoples live under one form of government such as French, German, British, etc.; and political unity, which conserves the civil rights of parties or factions of the same government. All these unities are imaginary and without real foundation, for no real result proceeds from them. The purpose of true unity is real and divine outcomes. From these limited unities mentioned only limited outcomes proceed, whereas unlimited unity produces unlimited result. For instance, from the limited unity of race or nationality the results at most are limited. It is like a family living alone and solitary; there are no unlimited or universal outcomes from it. 1

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