Jalál, 14 ‘Núr (Light), 179 B.E


Even though we like to take advantage of our favorite restaurants when we’re away from home, sometimes we would just as soon stay in and put together a quick, one-skillet meal of healthy fresh veggies with a little bacon, minced onion, and feta cheese:

It goes great served over rice. But this time we stopped by Olga’s Kitchen and picked up a basket of Olga bread. You may not have an Olga’s near you, so here’s a recipe that shows you how to make the bread yourself. It’s SO GOOD!


Detroit: Day Seven. My partner’s innate sensitivity to her brother’s post-stroke position and her extraordinary ability to present him with potentially successful futures he can pursue within his sphere of influence have saved his life. No one can say how it will ultimately unfold, but in the moment — YAY!

Responded to an email from Eric Dynamic (I introduced him in a “Daily Log” post on 02 March 2022):

  1. Your current thinking and writing are absolutely brilliant. Don’t stop!
  2. Yes, the world needs to follow rules for argument and debate such as those you propose in an effort to reach sufficient understanding about the needs of one another; develop and commit to plans germane to specific areas that address those needs, advance the species, and protect the planet; experiment with alternatives (because in complex systems there’s NEVER one size fits all, anywhere), and bring those that work into the knowledge commons whereby we learn from what others experience and allow that learning to inform subsequent levels of consultation, planning and experimentation.
  3. Yes, all too many of those active on Twitter are doing so to increase their stock in the “attention economy.” Twitter is basically a playground for Elon Musk and those like him to strut their stuff. He wants to win the attention of others and he can’t do that if he prevents them from participating. That’s why you’re safe.
  4. You’re asking for a quality of exchange that at this point finds little value among those on Twitter (and Facebook and WT.Social and, and, and). But I applaud you for continuing to extend the invitation. That’s what Caitlin Johnstone does on Twitter—extend the invitation to engage with her more deeply on platforms like Medium and Substack.


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No matter how much the world of humanity advances in material civilization, it is nevertheless in need of the spiritual development mentioned in the Gospel. The virtues of the material world are limited, whereas divine virtues are unlimited. Inasmuch as material virtues are limited, man’s need of the perfections of the divine world is unlimited.

Throughout human history we find that although the very apex of human virtues has been reached at various times, yet they were limited, whereas divine attainments have ever been unbounded and infinite. The limited is ever in need of the unlimited. The material must be correlated with the spiritual. The material may be likened to the body, but divine virtues are the breathings of the Holy Spirit itself. The body without spirit is not capable of real accomplishment. Although it may be in the utmost condition of beauty and excellence, it is, nevertheless, in need of the spirit. The chimney of the lamp, no matter how polished and perfect it be, is in need of the light. Without the light, the lamp or candle is not illuminating. Without the spirit, the body is not productive. The teacher of material principles is limited. The philosophers who claimed to be the educators of mankind were at most only able to train themselves. If they educated others, it was within a restricted circle; they failed to bestow general education and development. This has been conferred upon humanity by the power of the Holy Spirit. 1

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