Kamál, 14 ‘Aẓamat (Grandeur), 179 B.E


A few volunteer dill (Anethum graveolens) have sprouted along side one of our raised beds—remnants of a significant patch we had going several years ago. We don’t do that much food preparation to warrant grooming it as we once did. Still, it makes a welcome addition to what’s growing in our yard.


Drafted a new page for “Frameworks for Understanding the World” based on the two graphics in yesterday’s “Daily Log” post. The goal is to “go live” with it tomorrow.

Worked in the yard attacking the thistle and trimming the honeysuckle. Too warm and humid to stay outside for long. I’m becoming a wuss ;-)


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I am greatly pleased with these expressions of kindly feeling and evidences of spiritual susceptibility. Tonight I am very happy in the realization that our aims and purposes are the same, our desires and longings are one. This is a reflection and evidence of the oneness of the world of humanity and the intention toward accomplishment of the Most Great Peace. Therefore, we are united in will and purpose. In the world of existence there are no greater questions than these. Oneness of the world of humanity ensures the glorification of man. International peace is the assurance of the welfare of all humankind. There are no greater motives and purposes in the human soul. As we are agreed upon them, the certainty of unity and concord between Bahá’ís and Theosophists is most hopeful. Their purposes are one, their desires one, and spiritual susceptibilities are common to both. Their attention is devoted to the divine Kingdom; they partake alike of its bounty. 1

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