Jamál, 07 Bahá (Splendor), 179 B.E


Winter declared it was still here at the start of the day …


Followed by a LONG day at the hospital …

On a quest to understand more about his stroke.

Interventional Radiology - Angiography determined the degree of stenosis in the basilar artery  territory


He’s not a candidate for stents. If not that, though, what treatment is best?

We’ll find out more tomorrow …


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“Preparation for the conferences starts with the organic process of creating lists of those fellow “well-wishers of humanity” deeply concerned with the “spiritual and material transformation of society” whom we wish to invite. This process will unfold within every neighborhood, locality, and cluster where the dynamics of growth and community building are underway. Hosts of devotional gatherings and facilitators of Ruhi study courses, children’s classes, and junior youth activities will invite the participants from these activities. As these participants deepen their conversations about the implications of Bahá’u’lláh’s vision for humanity and the aim of the conferences, they, too, will think of names of family members and personal contacts who may also be keenly interested in attending. Lists can become concentric circles to include more people in the conferences and activities after the conferences.“ 2

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  2. Letter from the National Spiritual Assembly to the Regional Bahá’í Council Midwest as quoted in the Columbus Bahá’í Newsletter March 2022 [return]