Jamál, 12 ‘Alá’ (Loftiness), 178 B.E.


Yes, it is as cold as it looks!


Started a MindNode experiment to build a framework for invitations to public conversations about social change mentioned in yesterday’s Daily Log and outline questions that can be posted to online forums as prompts for consideration during, and after the sessions.

Now to begin unpacking it …


With the memories of warmer weather on his mind, here’s a photo from Astral Prospecting:

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We put great reliance on you and on National Spiritual Assemblies to ensure that, in all the efforts made to acquaint the friends with the nature of this collective enterprise, the perspective of history is kept fully in view. The civilization of today, for all its material prowess, has been found wanting, and the verdict has been issued by the Supreme Pen: “Know ye not that We have rolled up that which the people possessed, and have unfolded a new order in its place?” The establishment of Divine Civilization is, in the words of the Guardian, “the primary mission of the Bahá’í Faith”. It is to be built upon the most foundational qualities, ones for which the world stands in great need: unity, trustworthiness, mutual support, collaboration, fellow feeling, selflessness, commitment to truth, a sense of responsibility, a thirst to learn, the love of an all- embracing heart. 1

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