’Idál, 08 ‘Alá’ (Loftiness), 178 B.E.


Plant stand catching the late afternoon …


Setup a new organizational “member” on the GAVNet TimeBank by the name of “How’s The Weather.”

I entered a “request” by How’s The Weather for Writing/Research/Publishing: Information Distribution

The How’s The Weather? initiative as a “member” of the GAVNet TB will credit you for the time you spend 1) distributing the How’s the Weather? letter to your contacts and 2) forwarding information to globalrebirth23@gmail.com about organizations whose purpose is to address the consequences of climate change for inclusion in the Resource Connections table.

Stephen Beckett, knowledgeable about all things hOurworld, assures me this “…request, set to Global, will appear in every newsletter to every time bank member in hOurworld.” That should help get the word out!

Then I revised the landing page for GAVNet TB so the wording on the website aligns with the text of the request:

Project: How’s The Weather?

Late in 2021, a group of seasoned veterans in community activism decided to express their concerns on a global stage about the urgency posed by the consequences of climate change and the inadequate measures taken thus far by governments and corporations worldwide to address them. To press their point, they targeted Earth Day (April 22), 2023 for a global “flashmob” whereby those who refuse to accept continued inaction gather in their localities and unite in their statement of resistance to this demonstrated lack of enthusiasm throughout much of the public and private sectors. The group distributed a letter that outlines five “immediate actions” they would like whoever reads it to take.

Next up is to revise the home page for Greener Acres Value Network News to include a preamble before rolling right into the Daily Bookmarks for the day. I have a feeling this will lead to more WordPress lessons :-O


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We hope to have impressed upon you, in these pages, that the present-day capacity of the Bahá’í community, combined with the discipline it has achieved through adherence to a coherent framework for action, has prepared it for an extensive, rigorous test of all its resources, spiritual as well as material. The Plan that will shortly commence—the first major undertaking in a sacred twenty-five-year venture, generational in its scope and significance—will make demands of the individual believer, the community, and the institutions reminiscent of the demands that the Guardian made of the Bahá’í world at the outset of the Ten Year Crusade. If, by the grace of Almighty God, the friends should succeed in reaching the heights of heroism to which they are now summoned, history will assuredly pay tribute to their actions in terms no less glowing than those with which it honours the glorious deeds that decorate the annals of the first century of the Formative Age. 1

We put great reliance on you and on National Spiritual Assemblies to ensure that, in all the efforts made to acquaint the friends with the nature of this collective enterprise, the perspective of history is kept fully in view. The civilization of today, for all its material prowess, has been found wanting, and the verdict has been issued by the Supreme Pen: “Know ye not that We have rolled up that which the people possessed, and have unfolded a new order in its place?” The establishment of Divine Civilization is, in the words of the Guardian, “the primary mission of the Bahá’í Faith”. It is to be built upon the most foundational qualities, ones for which the world stands in great need: unity, trustworthiness, mutual support, collaboration, fellow feeling, selflessness, commitment to truth, a sense of responsibility, a thirst to learn, the love of an all- embracing heart. 2

How we long to see humanity illumined with the love of its Lord; how we long to hear His praise on every tongue. Knowing the ardency of our wish, you know then the emotion with which, when we lay our heads upon the Most Holy Threshold, we implore Bahá’u’lláh to make you, and all who cherish His precious Faith, ever more perfect channels of His ineffable grace. 3

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