Jalál, 12 Sultán (Sovereignty), 178 B.E.


Guess it’s still the Christmas season!


I gave more attention to the applicability of ClickUp as a “project management” structure for the Global Rebirth initiative, especially efforts associated with the “How’s the Weather?” letter. And yes, we need it. We have four core processes we’re putting into motion:

  1. Engage with the world;
  2. Onboard those who want to help;
  3. Organize the tasks so that those who onboard know what to work on; and
  4. Acknowledge those who help with a form of social currency that indicates the value of their time and the value of the project.

In the absence of such structure (or “workflows”) for the tasks required to support this effort, things that should be done, don’t get done; things that one person does others don’t know about; and the same things get done more than once by different people. This is a morale-sapper and energy-drainer. And it’s a relationship-killer even among those that know there’s no ill-will behind any of their behaviors. So, yes, it’s REAL important. Now, to see if I can get something in place that folks feel comfortable using and will make a difference in advancing the project. A tall order when I’m the youngest one in the core group ;-)


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Of the principles enshrined in these Tablets the most vital of them all is the principle of the oneness and wholeness of the human race, which may well be regarded as the hall-mark of Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation and the pivot of His teachings…. “We, verily,” He declares, “have come to unite and weld together all that dwell on earth.” “So potent is the light of unity,” He further states, “that it can illuminate the whole earth.” … Unity, He states, is the goal that “excelleth every goal” and an aspiration which is “the monarch of all aspirations.” “The world,” He proclaims, “is but one country, and mankind its citizens.” He further affirms that the unification of mankind, the last stage in the evolution of humanity towards maturity is inevitable, that “soon will the present day order be rolled up, and a new one spread out in its stead,” that “the whole earth is now in a state of pregnancy,” that “the day is approaching when it will have yielded its noblest fruits, when from it will have sprung forth the loftiest trees, the most enchanting blossoms, the most heavenly blessings.” He deplores the defectiveness of the prevailing order, exposes the inadequacy of patriotism as a directing and controlling force in human society, and regards the “love of mankind” and service to its interests as the worthiest and most laudable objects of human endeavor. 1 2

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