Istiqlál, 11 Sultán (Sovereignty), 178 B.E.


Squirrel run …


Conducted several exchanges with Michael Greenman and Tony Budak about our joint initiatives. Our project workflows are following along five tracks:

  1. HTW Letter - Michael’s amendments to “How’s The Weather?” (HTW) letter to include the sentence “Contact us if you’d like to support this project AND receive credit in the hOurworld timebank community;”
  2. ClickUp - Tony’s deep dive into the “Raising the Value of Learning” (RVL) project he setup on ClickUp as a way to gain practice in organizing initiatives into manageable tasks people can commit to doing when they volunteer;
  3. Time and Talents - Stephen Beckett’s willingness to integrate features of hOurworld’s Time and Talents (TNT) time credit exchange platform with HTW, Global Rebirth, and RVL projects such that contributors receive recognition and respect through time credits for their efforts;
  4. WT.Social - my inquiry into the use of WT.Social as a public, interactive, communication platform to post updates about our initiatives. Need to check the subwikis listed here for fit with our efforts or determine that we should create a new one; and
  5. MailChimp - Michael has resurrected his account on MailChimp and is about ready to launch a newsletter to those who want to receive it.

I’m sure I missed something. As I write this I’m beginning to get the idea that there’s a LOT going on. Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks ;-)


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O well-wisher of the world of humanity! Praised be God that thine intention was good, that thou didst acquire knowledge and learning, and that thy wish is to engage in service to the peoples of the world. I beseech God that thou mayest succeed in this purpose and mayest manifest that which lieth concealed within thy heart. In the world of creation, good intentions are of two kinds. One kind is particular and aimed at specific people; this is limited and its scope is extremely narrow. The other kind is directed towards all created things; it is all-pervading and extensive in range. Whatsoever is undertaken for the sake of the universal good is of God. Therefore, undertakings that relate somewhat to the general good may be accomplished among civilized nations, but the only thing that is directed wholly towards the general good is the Word of God and Divine wisdom. This is the power which can effect a fundamental change and transformation in the world of being. This force is creative; it is generative and revitalizing and bringeth forth a new creation. Exert thine utmost endeavour, therefore, in pursuing that which will be the cause of progress of the world of humanity and will lead to perpetual exaltation and eternal life. Upon thee be greetings and praise. 1

  1. Research Department of the Universal House of Justice, editor. “Social Action.” Bahá’í Reference Library, Aug. 2020, 37, [return]