Istijlál, 10 Sultán (Sovereignty), 178 B.E.


Snow falling on cedars ;-)


Participated in an email exchange about the “How’s the Weather?” letter that’s being distributed. This led to the realization that, once again, we have to match what people have and feel comfortable using in their communications with the organization of the project as it unfolds or they will not participate. So, I wrote a post titled Social Change and Appropriate Technology to Global Rebirth putting that challenge in clear view so I keep working with it. This is getting increasingly complex!


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Bahá’ís are engaged in cities and villages across the globe in establishing a pattern of life in which increasing numbers, irrespective of background, are invited to take part. This pattern, expressive of the dynamic coherence between the material and spiritual dimensions of life, includes classes for the spiritual education of children in which they also develop a deep appreciation for the fundamental unity of the various world religions; groups that assist young people to navigate a crucial stage of their lives and to withstand the corrosive forces that especially target them; circles of study wherein participants reflect on the spiritual nature of existence and build capacity for service to the community and society; gatherings for collective worship that strengthen the devotional character of the community; and, in time, a growing range of endeavours for social and economic development. This pattern of community life is giving rise to vibrant and purposeful new communities wherein relationships are founded on the oneness of mankind, universal participation, justice, and freedom from prejudice. All are welcome. The process which is unfolding seeks to foster collaboration and build capacity within every human group—with no regard to class or religious background, with no concern for ethnicity or race, and irrespective of gender or social status—to arise and contribute to the advancement of civilization. 1

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