’Idál, 09 Sultán (Sovereignty), 178 B.E.


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Could you create a template for a “group mailing” app to allow us to enter names, contact info, and comments on anyone who contacts us with interest in the How’s The Weather? letter so we can begin to send “regular” follow-up e-mail (or other medium) to keep people informed and interested?

I suggest you get yourself (or anyone else, for that matter) out of a “hub and spoke” communication pattern and choose a publicly visible, open platform where you post updates, invite those who respond to the letter to join / subscribe to it as well, and encourage them to interact with one another about what each is doing related to the purpose of the initiative as described in the letter. My recommendation is to use wiki software. This includes Google Sites, which, as I’ve mentioned before, could be an attractive alternative since so many are active in the Googleverse. That said, a relatively quick and painless way to get into the wiki environment with like-minded folks is WikiTribune. I would give it strong consideration.


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God has given us eyes, that we may look about us at the world, and lay hold of whatsoever will further civilization and the arts of living. He has given us ears, that we may hear and profit by the wisdom of scholars and philosophers and arise to promote and practice it. Senses and faculties have been bestowed upon us, to be devoted to the service of the general good; so that we, distinguished above all other forms of life for perceptiveness and reason, should labor at all times and along all lines, whether the occasion be great or small, ordinary or extraordinary, until all mankind are safely gathered into the impregnable stronghold of knowledge. We should continually be establishing new bases for human happiness and creating and promoting new instrumentalities toward this end. How excellent, how honorable is man if he arises to fulfill his responsibilities; how wretched and contemptible, if he shuts his eyes to the welfare of society and wastes his precious life in pursuing his own selfish interests and personal advantages. Supreme happiness is man’s, and he beholds the signs of God in the world and in the human soul, if he urges on the steed of high endeavor in the arena of civilization and justice. 1 2

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