Fidál, 08 Sultán (Sovereignty), 178 B.E.


Casting a LONG shadow!

What fence?!

HOW did it do that?


Saved several templates for task groups on ClickUp.

Found a way to integrate Trello with ClickUp for daily posts to Greener Acres Value Network (GAVNet) News that improved productivity and eliminated the need to use Trello in workflow.

Posted “How’s the Weather?” to Greener Acres Value Network (GAVNet) Timebank in advance of extending invitations to whoever might want to participate in a virtual timebank community.

Slowly, but slowly …


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Tab’s Galaxy on YouTube


Bahá’ís involved in projects for social and economic development recognize that there are both benefits and pitfalls involved with the use of technology. The key question is, therefore, not whether to use technology, but how to use it. Approaches to development centred on the donation of goods and services, so characteristic of well-intentioned traditional religious charity and the programs of the welfare state, are known to have debilitating effects. The initial allure of the promised technologies often proves ephemeral. It is to this phenomenon that the phrase “technologies deceptively packaged” refers. It is hoped that the friends in the development field will weigh the technical issues and social forces involved and bring to bear a profound understanding of both science and religion, so that they may contribute to a sound approach that avoids the extremes of blind faith in materialism and a romantic attachment to tradition. 1

  1. Research Department of the Universal House of Justice, editor. “Social Action.” Bahá’í Reference Library, Aug. 2020, 251, [return]