Istijlál, 03 Sultán (Sovereignty), 178 B.E.


Sunset is soon to follow …


Began confirming accuracy and completeness of bibliographic information about books from my sister and brother-in-law’s library as entered into Zotero. Once that is done, the next step will be to check if any of their books are available to read on Internet Archive. For those that are not, I am curious what are the copyright laws for scanning and uploading them to the Internet Archive so they are freely accessible. If it is permissible to do this without incurring financial cost or legal hassles, it will require access to scanning equipment and take time to do it. Sounds like the perfect “request” to make of timebank members after we locate equipment we can use. Once the books are scanned, they have the potential reach whoever has Internet access wherever that may be. Afterward, the hard copies can be donated to local organizations whose constituents would benefit from them—which is what my sister and brother-in-law wanted done with them. This approach is about as win-win-win as it could get! Thanks to Bill and Tony for helping me flesh out this possibility during our conversations yesterday!


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Why are they afraid of peace…

Why aren’t they afraid of war?

Why do they sleep so well at night…


Maybe because that’s what they know how to do.

Maybe because they aren’t familiar with anything else.

Maybe because all the good things that happened to them

Were connected with army duty or war.

And maybe its because without wars they couldn’t

Keep telling themselves all the time

How much they want peace.


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