Istiqlál, 03 Qawl (Speech), 179 B.E


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Participated in the weekly Zoom call with Helen Stucky-Weaver and the Wellness Weavers “Inner Circle” group. Helen updated the group about a continuing education opportunity from PESI, Trauma & Telehealth: Dual Certification Training Course, that she and Dr. Ameena Matthews enrolled in. We mentioned a couple of somewhat recent TV series that offered contrasting views about what constitutes a “messiah:” The Chosen and Messiah. Always a compelling topic!


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For such a meeting is established upon the very foundation of the laws of God. Therefore, in its constraining spiritual bond it unites all religions and reconciles all sects, denominations and factions in kindliness and love toward each other. In this way and by the instrumentality of such a gathering the causes of animosity, hatred and bigotry are removed, and enmity and discord pass away entirely. Every limiting and restricting movement or meeting of mere personal interest is human in nature. Every universal movement unlimited in scope and purpose is divine. The Cause of God is advanced whenever and wherever a universal meeting is established among mankind. 1

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