Istijlál, 02 Qawl (Speech), 179 B.E


Happy Thanksgiving from the east…

And the west…


The Thanksgiving table at-the-ready for the arrival of people and food…

Only our favorites: ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, whole kernel corn, candied sweet potatoes, and apple cake for dessert. Then, it’s downtime to process all those sugars and carbs — but what a way to go!


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George Benson - Take Five

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Cromie, Robert. A Short History of Chicago. San Francisco : Lexikos, 1984.


First “experiment” with Obsidian

Beedy Parker associated with the “How’s The Weather?” project, curated the article…

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I deconstructed it into the following which you see represented in the diagram above.

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More experimentation to follow …


Took a break today…


Therefore, endeavor that your attitudes and intentions here tonight be universal and altruistic in nature. Consecrate and devote yourselves to the betterment and service of all the human race. Let no barrier of ill feeling or personal prejudice exist between these souls, for when your motives are universal and your intentions heavenly in character, when your aspirations are centered in the Kingdom, there is no doubt whatever that you will become the recipients of the bounty and good pleasure of God. 1

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