Istijlál, 14 Qudrat (Power), 179 B.E


A favorite fall combination: Canadian goldenrod against a backdrop of Norwegian spruce.


Set up a 30-year-old stereo system donated to me by my brother-in-law. It sounds great! I just need to learn how to use it ;-)


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Dire Straits - Communiqué

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Set aside two more boxes of books that I pulled from shelves in our office area. These haven’t been looked at for longer than I care to admit. I’ll catalog them and send them on their way.


Bahá’u’lláh, the Sun of Truth, has dawned from the horizon of the Orient, flooding all regions with the light and life which will never pass away. His teachings, which embody the divine spirit of the age and are applicable to this period of maturity in the life of the human world, are:

The oneness of the world of humanity

The protection and guidance of the Holy Spirit

The foundation of all religion is one

Religion must be the cause of unity

Religion must accord with science and reason

Independent investigation of truth

Equality between men and women

The abandoning of all prejudices among mankind

Universal peace

Universal education

A universal language

Solution of the economic problem

An international tribunal.

Everyone who truly seeks and justly reflects will admit that the teachings of the present day emanating from mere human sources and authority are the cause of difficulty and disagreement amongst mankind, the very destroyers of humanity, whereas the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh are the very healing of the sick world, the remedy for every need and condition. In them may be found the realization of every desire and aspiration, the cause of the happiness of the world of humanity, the stimulus and illumination of mentality, the impulse for advancement and uplift, the basis of unity for all nations, the fountain source of love amongst mankind, the center of agreement, the means of peace and harmony, the one bond which will unite the East and the West. 1

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