Jalál, 09 Qudrat (Power), 179 B.E


I’m caring for my sister’s Christmas cactus. Although it likes a southern exposure, I can see I’m going to have to turn it around so it doesn’t grow into the windows. Besides the buds are about to pop open and they need room to expand!


My partner and I went to Detroit this evening. Brief periods of light rain, snow, sleet accompanied us all the way. Now, it’s dry but cold. Her brother has a doctor’s appointment on Monday to check on his stroke recovery progress. We’re optimistic - with fingers crossed!


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I’m running behind today and may add more to this list as I catch up


Made Evernote “notes” for the remaining books in the box I started sorting earlier this week. Now, separate those I want to keep from those to get rid of. Each of them conjures memories from my life — it’s like giving away parts of myself. UGH!


O Lord! Confirm and aid this assemblage. Confirm these souls through the breaths of Thy Holy Spirit. Enlighten the eyes by the vision of these radiant lights, and make the ears joyful through the anthems of Thy call to service. O God! Verily, we have gathered here in the fragrance of Thy love. We have turned to Thy Kingdom. We seek naught save Thee and desire nothing save Thy good pleasure. O God! Let this food be Thy manna from heaven, and grant that this assemblage may be a concourse of Thy supreme ones. May they be the quickening cause of love to humanity and the source of illumination to the human race. May they be the instruments of Thy guidance upon earth. Verily, Thou art powerful. Thou art the Bestower. Thou art the Forgiver, and Thou art the Almighty. 1

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