Istiqlál, 08 Qudrat (Power), 179 B.E


Sunset - so beautiful!


Participated in the weekly Zoom call with Helen Stucky-Weaver and the Wellness Weavers “Inner Circle” group.

Shared ideas about how to increase membership and overall engagement with the International Environment Forum. I’m curious about how important it is to advance one’s reputation by posting frequently on one or two platforms as compared to making fewer posts on a lot of forums. Maybe my colleague Bill has some insight about this…


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Fitted the “mini drop over greenhouse” over the geraniums. Colder weather arrives tonight.

Set up the propane heater in the Florida room. It’s not THAT cold, but better to take care of it now than when it is that cold!


I am greatly pleased with the friends in Washington and experience real happiness in meeting them. Likewise, I am pleased with the friends from Baltimore, for I have observed that their hearts are attracted to the love of Bahá’u’lláh. Their vision is extended toward the Kingdom of Bahá. Their spirits are rejoicing in the glad tidings of Abhá. Verily, they are servants of the Cause of God. All are engaged in service, and the perfection of their desire is to enter into the Kingdom of Abhá and draw near unto God. For that reason I am very happy and well pleased with them. I pray for you all. May the favors of the Blessed Beauty, Bahá’u’lláh, encompass you, and may the lights of the Sun of Reality be your illumination. May you all become united and assured. May you serve the Cause of God as one single, united force. I give you the glad tidings that the confirmations of God will descend upon you. Be ye assured of this. Ye will become illumined. Ye will become conquerors. 1

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