’Idál, 06 Qudrat (Power), 179 B.E


Wild teasel (Dipsacus fullonum)

According to Wikipedia, the dried flower heads can be used to raise the nap on cloth — I can only imagine what the cloth looks like afterward.


Phone call with Bill Fulkerson.

In the midst of our conversation a random tweet popped into Bill’s feed:

Either Millions of Pennsylvanians Voted for a Brain-Damaged Candidate, or the Election Was Rigged. In Either Case, Democracy Failed.

The author’s Twitter handle, “Sal the Agorist” prompted an inquiry into the word “agorist.” This led to the article, “What Is Agorism? A History of Agorist Theory and Practice,” by Derrick Broze.

And that led to a Wikipedia entry about The Other Path, by Hernando de Soto, with a synopsis of his position on the “informal sector and underground economy” and related topics.

That became a segue into a brief overview of the upcoming set of graphics for the Narrative of the Twin Economies wiki. Here’s one of them…

At first blush, the Core Economy appears akin to de Soto’s “informal sector and underground economy”. But I’ll need to dig a little deeper into it before I claim they’re synonymous.

We concluded with a reflection on this quote from Distrust That Particular Flavor by William Gibson:

Time moves in one direction, memory another. We are that strange species that constructs artifacts intended to counter the natural flow of forgetting.”

And all that in a one-hour conversation. Wonderful!

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Ray Charles - Love & Peace

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Edited Evernote “notes” for the first set of 50 LPs.


It is my fond and fervent hope through the favor of God that this present meeting may be instrumental in ushering in the day when the standard of the oneness of the world of humanity shall be held aloft in America. May it be the first real foundation of international peace, having for its object universal service to man. May it be divine philanthropy without distinctions or differentiations in humankind. May you consider all religions the instruments of God and regard all races as channels of divine manifestation. May you view mankind as the sheep of God and know for a certainty that He is the real Shepherd. Consider how this kind and tender Shepherd cares for all His flock; how He leads them in green pastures and beside the still waters. How well He protects them! Verily, this Shepherd makes no distinctions whatsoever; to all the sheep He is equally kind. Therefore, we must follow the example of God and strive in pathways of goodwill toward all humanity. May we endeavor with heart and soul to reconcile the religions of the earth, unify the peoples and races and blend the nations in a perfect solidarity. May we uphold the flag of international agreement and enkindle a light which shall illumine all regions with the radiance of oneness. May our purposes centralize in the earnest desire of attaining the good pleasure of God, and may our supreme energies be directed to welding together the human household. Let us not regard our own respective capacities; nay, rather, let us regard forever the favors and bounties of God. The drop must not estimate its own limited capacity; it must realize the volume and sufficiency of the ocean, which ever glorifieth the drop. The tender and simple seed, solitary though it may be, must not look upon its own lack of power. Nay, rather, its attention must ever be directed to the sun, in the rays of which it finds life and quickening; and it must ever consider the downpour of the cloud of mercy. For the bounty of the cloud, the effulgence and heat of the sun and the breath of the vernal zephyrs can transform the tiny seed and develop it into a mighty tree. And may you remember that a single infinitesimal atom in the ray of the sun through a shining beam of the solar energy becomes glorified and radiant. 1

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