Fidál, 03 ‘Ilm (Knowledge), 179 B.E


The geraniums appear to like being indoors


Zoom call with Kathy Sipple as a spin-off from our participation in Sunday’s “Chat at the Bench” hosted by Chris Gray. Her interests run well into several areas that overlap with mine — yes, a Venn diagram. I gave her links to the websites I use so she can familiarize herself with my work. Who knows, she might find something that fits into her projects. That would be cool!

My colleague, Bill Fulkerson, took a shot at editing the wiki, Narrative of the Twin Economies. He wanted to see how challenging that process is for someone not familiar with wikis. He did GREAT! I’m imagining how much more fun it will be if others join in, too!

Raked leaves even after I said I wouldn’t until later in the week. All I can say is I’m out of shape :-(

Baked a new-to-me quiche for supper. According to family members, the odor from prepping the ingredients was a downside. They enjoyed eating it, though :-) Guess I’m forgiven ;-)

My nephew sent me his fave recipe for rhubarb bars. I picked the last of my stand this afternoon so I can give it a try. Tomorrow’s dessert for supper will tell the tale.


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Christ ratified and proclaimed the foundation of the law of Moses. Muḥammad and all the Prophets have revoiced that same foundation of reality. Therefore, the purposes and accomplishments of the divine Messengers have been one and the same. They were the source of advancement to the body politic and the cause of the honor and divine civilization of humanity, the foundation of which is one and the same in every dispensation. It is evident, then, that the proofs of the validity and inspiration of a Prophet of God are the deeds of beneficent accomplishment and greatness emanating from Him. If He proves to be instrumental in the elevation and betterment of mankind, He is undoubtedly a valid and heavenly Messenger. 1

  1. ʻAbduʼl-Bahá. The Promulgation of Universal Peace: Talks Delivered by ʻAbduʼl-Bahá during His Visit to the United States and Canada in 1912. Edited by Howard MacNutt. 2nd ed. Wilmette, Ill: Baháʼí Publishing Trust, 1982, 366. [return]