Kamál, 14 Mashíyyat (Will), 179 B.E


What an awesome day for a picnic in the park…

Rain tree Park in Troy, MI


My brother-in-law got a positive report from his doctor. Looks like his recovery stabilized at a level where he can function independently. That’s encouraging!

Outlined more of an essay, “Narrative of the Twin Economies.” Posted it to Raising the Value of Learning on Slack for wider review. Here are the opening paragraphs:

Human Brain and Human Value

The human brain is a biochemical computer processor without equal. Everyone has a brain. Brain function generates human value. Every human has value. When applied that value develops tools, solves problems, acquires knowledge. Given time, there are no limits to what it can achieve.

The challenge for society is how to tap it in individuals and in total. In other words, how does society grab, hold, and direct the attention of its members?

Economies as Tools

Both the Monetary Economy and the Core Economy are tools developed by humans. Like any tool, economies are amoral. And like any tool, how humans in a social system use it gives it moral value.

The Monetary Economy is a tool to help human systems manage limited resources. No one can do everything they want to do when they want to do it. Trade-offs ensue. Competition heats up. Some win, but most lose. Greed and fear dominate. And if access to basic needs is at stake, one’s survival is at risk if one doesn’t play the game.

The Core Economy is a tool to help human systems develop and deploy the value of each member. A shared human genome places EVERYONE in the same game of life. A shared human spirit interconnects EVERYONE with EVERYONE else. A shared human conscience holds EVERYONE accountable for one’s thoughts, words, and deeds. Our purpose is to render service to humanity and assure the delivery of basic needs.


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Man is distinguished above the animals through his reason. The perceptions of man are of two kinds: tangible, or sensible, and reasonable, whereas the animal perceptions are limited to the senses, the tangible only. The tangible perceptions may be likened to this candle, the reasonable perceptions to the light. Calculations of mathematical problems and determining the spherical form of the earth are through the reasonable perceptions. The center of gravity is a hypothesis of reason. Reason itself is not tangible, perceptible to the senses. Reason is an intellectual verity or reality. All qualities are ideal realities, not tangible realities. For instance, we say this man is a scholarly man. Knowledge is an ideal attainment not perceptible to the senses. When you see this scholarly man, your eye does not see his knowledge, your ear cannot hear his science, nor can you sense it by taste. It is not a tangible verity. Science itself is an ideal verity. It is evident, therefore, that the perceptions of man are twofold: the reasonable and the tangible, or sensible. 1

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