Kamál, 07 Mashíyyat (Will), 179 B.E


We have several mature silver maple (Acer saccharum) trees in the yard. They are beautiful when the leaves change color. I snapped this just as the top branches in one of them caught the early morning sunlight:

Of course, I won’t be singing their praises once the leaves start falling — they make for a LOT of raking!


Continued the exchange with Tony Budak. We’re inching closer to addressing the future role of the timebank. Tony referenced a 2014 paper by David Ellerman 1 about “parallel experimentation” and learning organizations. The term I use is “rampant experimentation to find ways that work.” Close enough.

Here’s my response:

You’re on to something, here. I have four takeaways from your comments:

  1. Every timebank has a project portfolio. Each timebank member has a personal profile. The ultimate goal of timebanking is to build the capacity and capability of both. How do we encourage timebanks to strengthen portfolios and members to expand profiles?
  2. Every timebank is different, one to another, as are any two timebank members. One size does NOT fit all. Timebanks and timebank members gain in capacity and capability through parallel experimentation. What can we do to promote evolutionary, non-cookie cutter approaches?
  3. Timebank members divide their time each day between basic needs and electives. Less time used for basic needs means more time available for discretionary activities. What projects can a timebank sponsor that reduce time required to meet basic needs?
  4. The entire timebank network benefits from members sharing what they experience and learn. How do we encourage members everywhere to post more about what they do during a 24-hour day?

I see your point about sticking with the “standardized” categories and services. Every timebank and each member needs the same “tools” to build portfolios and profiles. I’ll scratch the separate Global Solidarity Accounting (GSA) categories and services. Instead, I’ll focus on how to use existing terminology for requests and offers related to GSA.

Next, I will look into the interplay between the “Core Economy” and monetary economics. We need to update Dr. Cahn’s paper following two decades of technology development. Doing so will lead us to more new and exciting places!


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The proof of the validity of a Manifestation of God is the penetration and potency of His Word, the cultivation of heavenly attributes in the hearts and lives of His followers and the bestowal of divine education upon the world of humanity. This is absolute proof. The world is a school in which there must be Teachers of the Word of God. The evidence of the ability of these Teachers is efficient education of the graduating classes. 2

  1. Ellerman, David. “Parallel Experimentation: A Basic Scheme for Dynamic Efficiency.” Journal of Bioeconomics 16, no. 3 (October 2014): 259–87. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10818-014-9175-y. [return]
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