’Idál, 02 Mashíyyat (Will), 179 B.E


The project for the week: trim shrubs and evergreens around the house and in the yard. I didn’t do it last year, which only makes it more difficult now.

At least this section doesn’t look too bad. Now, if I can only manage to do as well on the rest of them. We’ll see. The good news is fall weather arrived earlier this week which makes it comfortable to work outside - YAY!


Drafted notes of future posts in Evernote. Then, I linked them to individual nodes on MindNode and separate pages in Ulysses. It appears I have two more long-winded and dense posts to make that complete the initial series. Beginning next week, I will switch to an easier to read format.

As noted above, I trimmed evergreens this afternoon. That’s enough for today ;-)


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This evening we were speaking of the fellowship and unity of the Persian Bahá’ís. They can truly be called lovers. For example, if one of the friends of God arrived in their city, all the friends would rejoice and assemble together in a meeting with him. If he were ill, they would care for him; if sad, they would comfort him. They would care for him in every way and give unmistakable evidence that there is a spiritual relationship amongst them.

Strangers and outsiders are astonished at this love and radiant affection existing among the Bahá’ís. They inquire about it. They observe the unity and agreement manifest among them. They say, “What a beautiful spirit shines in their faces!” All envy it and wish that such a bond of love might be witnessed everywhere. Therefore, to you my first admonition is this: Associate most kindly with all; be as one family; pursue this same pathway. Let your intentions be one that your love may permeate and affect the hearts of others so that they may grow to love each other and all attain to this condition of oneness. 1

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