Kamál, 19 ‘Izzat (Might), 179 B.E


Went for a walk with my brother-in-law this morning. The New York asters (Symphyotrichum novi-belgii) are blooming—and almost on St. Michael’s Day, September 29th, for which they get the name “Michaelmas daisy.”

The bees love them. See if you can spot one in the photo—there is one, I promise!


Posted “Rationale for a Time-Based Economy” to GAVNet News.

Corresponded with Franz Nahrada only to find that he’s not in good health and has taken a break to recover :-( Told him I will continue to integrate Global Solidarity Accounting with the Global Villages Network and Greener Acres Value Network Time Bank and summarize progress in the “Initial Questions” document.

Determined how to populate the Greener Acres Value Network group on Hylo with discussion topics related to timebanks, time-based economy, and time as a currency. Easy to say, but doing it will be arduous.


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The honor of man is through the attainment of the knowledge of God; his happiness is from the love of God; his joy is in the glad tidings of God; his greatness is dependent upon his servitude to God. The highest development of man is his entrance into the divine Kingdom, and the outcome of this human existence is the nucleus and essence of eternal life. If man is bereft of the divine bestowals and if his enjoyment and happiness are restricted to his material inclinations, what distinction or difference is there between the animal and himself? In fact, the animal’s happiness is greater, for its wants are fewer and its means of livelihood easier to acquire. Although it is necessary for man to strive for material needs and comforts, his real need is the acquisition of the bounties of God. If he is bereft of divine bounties, spiritual susceptibilities and heavenly glad tidings, the life of man in this world has not yielded any worthy fruit. While possessing physical life, he should lay hold of the life spiritual, and together with bodily comforts and happiness, he should enjoy divine pleasures and content. Then is man worthy of the title man; then will he be after the image and likeness of God, for the image of the Merciful consists of the attributes of the heavenly Kingdom. If no fruits of the Kingdom appear in the garden of his soul, man is not in the image and likeness of God, but if those fruits are forthcoming, he becomes the recipient of ideal bestowals and is enkindled with the fire of the love of God. If his morals become spiritual in character, his aspirations heavenly and his actions conformable to the will of God, man has attained the image and likeness of his Creator; otherwise, he is the image and likeness of Satan. Therefore, Christ hath said, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” 1

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