Kamál, 05 ‘Izzat (Might), 179 B.E


Skies before sunset:


Connected with Franz Nahrada by Zoom. We had a very productive session that included my partner. We had not seen Franz for longer than either of us would want to admit. What a marvel this technology is, today!

As evidence of progress, I started a page on DorfWiki titled Initial Questions, for the English translation of his book outline: Fragen An Die Community. This is bit tricky for me due to my unfamiliarity with ProWiki, which has been around for a long time, but is still quite functional. I guess I’m never too old to learn more ;-)

My intent is to link the main points in the what Franz writes with similar topics and themes in related projects I’m pursuing in other forums. Hopefully, I can take advantage of common purpose, adjacencies, complementary roles, and multiple and concurrent value flows among them. All it takes is time, right?!

Stephen Beckett loaded the GAVNet logo to the timebank home page. It looks great. Now, if I can just get the content of the page updated I’ll be all set!


Astral Prospecting hit the fishing trail early and this was an expected reward:

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Universal peace will be established among the nations of the world by international agreement. The greatest catastrophe in the world of humanity today is war. Europe is a storehouse of explosives awaiting a spark. All the European nations are on edge, and a single flame will set on fire the whole of that continent. Implements of war and death are multiplied and increased to an inconceivable degree, and the burden of military maintenance is taxing the various countries beyond the point of endurance. Armies and navies devour the substance and possessions of the people; the toiling poor, the innocent and helpless are forced by taxation to provide munitions and armament for governments bent upon conquest of territory and defense against powerful rival nations. There is no greater or more woeful ordeal in the world of humanity today than impending war. Therefore, international peace is a crucial necessity. An arbitral court of justice shall be established by which international disputes are to be settled. Through this means all possibility of discord and war between the nations will be obviated. 1

  1. ʻAbduʼl-Bahá. The Promulgation of Universal Peace: Talks Delivered by ʻAbduʼl-Bahá during His Visit to the United States and Canada in 1912. Edited by Howard MacNutt. 2nd ed. Wilmette, Ill: Baháʼí Publishing Trust, 1982, 317. https://www.bahai.org/library/authoritative-texts/abdul-baha/promulgation-universal-peace/22#922361457 [return]