Jalál, 08 Asmá’ (Names), 179 B.E


Quick trip to Detroit to check-in with my partner’s brother and see how he’s doing. This was the back yard scene across the parking lot waiting for the pizza order:


As a thought experiment, first, consider a time-based economy centered on covering basic needs, then, harvesting the human value that is generated by having those basic needs met.

Consider the world as a timebank which we “join” at birth with a “life time account” filled with the number of hours — unknown by us — we have to live and we leave zeroed out at death. Every minute we are alive we move time out of our “life time account” into “basic needs accounts” that document what we thought, said, or did, where it occurred, when it happened, and who we were with.

Imagine further how human value flows and grows as it moves from individuals as they “spend down” their life time accounts and build up human value, collectively, in “basic needs accounts” filled with portfolios of issues and opportunities to render service to humanity.

Now, with that in mind, reflect on how Saudi Arabia’s “smart city, The Line, uses data generated by residents to operate the environment (meet many basic needs) of those residents and what this Thomas Reuters report about it.

What could possibly go wrong?


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It is evident, then, that each elemental atom of the universe is possessed of a capacity to express all the virtues of the universe. This is a subtle and abstract realization. Meditate upon it, for within it lies the true explanation of pantheism. From this point of view and perception pantheism is a truth, for every atom in the universe possesses or reflects all the virtues of life, the manifestation of which is effected through change and transformation. Therefore, the origin and outcome of phenomena is, verily, the omnipresent God; for the reality of all phenomenal existence is through Him. There is neither reality nor the manifestation of reality without the instrumentality of God. Existence is realized and possible through the bounty of God, just as the ray or flame emanating from this lamp is realized through the bounty of the lamp, from which it originates. Even so, all phenomena are realized through the divine bounty, and the explanation of true pantheistic statement and principle is that the phenomena of the universe find realization through the one power animating and dominating all things, and all things are but manifestations of its energy and bounty. The virtue of being and existence is through no other agency. Therefore, in the words of Bahá’u’lláh, the first teaching is the oneness of the world of humanity. 1

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