Istijlál, 06 Asmá’ (Names), 179 B.E


A just-emerged adult eastern carpenter bee getting ready for its post-nest life:


Completed the second section of the essay focused on human value flows. Still shooting for the weekend to get it posted on GAVNet News. Here’s the last paragraph:

Just as the demands of the Industrial Age gave rise to the job structures and time clocks through which to capture human value, the Digital Age has its own tools and techniques for capturing value. At the turn of this century, in the article, “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us,” 1 Bill Joy proposed that advances in three technologies — robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology — would very likely replace people with “the machine” to do many of the jobs defined by Industrial Age organizational structures. Now, two decades later, people numbering in the billions FREELY contribute their human value through the virtualization of agents / players on platforms ranging from web browsers on computers and mobile devices to X-Reality (XR) technologies and enabling them to experiment with and generate data about behaviors and scenarios out of character in physical reality: the visualization of data generated by agents / players operating on platforms that are, subsequently, hammered into valuable information by artificial intelligence algorithms and presented to those who have access to / control of the platforms (see example below);

Example of Data Visualization

and the gamification of online experiences 2 that attracts and holds the attention of virtualized agents / players so they remain engaged on the platform and generating data for as long as possible WITHOUT MONETARY COMPENSATION. Hence, the word, FREELY. If someone were to write a Bill Joy article today, it might well be titled: “Why the Future Doesn’t Need to Pay Us.”


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Therefore, we must strive with life and heart that the material and physical world may be reformed, human perception become keener, the merciful effulgence manifest and the radiance of reality shine. Then the star of love shall appear and the world of humanity become illumined. The purpose is that the world of existence is dependent for its progress upon reformation; otherwise, it will be as dead. Consider: If a new springtime failed to appear, what would be the effect upon this globe, the earth? Undoubtedly it would become desolate and life extinct. The earth has need of an annual coming of spring. It is necessary that a new bounty should be forthcoming. If it comes not, life would be effaced. In the same way the world of spirit needs new life, the world of mind necessitates new animus and development, the world of souls a new bounty, the world of morality a reformation, the world of divine effulgence ever new bestowals. Were it not for this replenishment, the life of the world would become effaced and extinguished. If this room is not ventilated and the air freshened, respiration will cease after a length of time. If no rain falls, all life organisms will perish. If new light does not come, the darkness of death will envelop the earth. If a new springtime does not arrive, life upon this globe will be obliterated. 3

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