’Idál, 05 Asmá’ (Names), 179 B.E


Maybe—just maybe—this bud will turn into another beautiful bloom in a couple of weeks:

Kind of like the one I reported on in my 03 August 2022 “Daily Log.”


Drafted the start of the next section in the paper about time-based economies:

The value of an individual’s human capacity develops and unfolds from pure potential at conception to full realization at death. And along the way, it flows in and out of myriad locations, conditions, durations, relationships, and activities. Throughout human history, how people apply (or “capture”) their human value (brain power) to meet their basic needs (individuals), build social bonds (communities), and establish governance systems (institutions) progressed through different stages / phases based on the development and deployment of tools and technologies. The methods used to harness human value varied with each phase, but the universally held question addressed by each was how to compel people to dedicate their time on those matters deemed important for the function and sustainability of the socio-political unit to which they belonged.

Regardless of how one chooses to label and describe the phases of an advancing human civilization, the passage of one to the other drives changes in the ways in which human value is captured. Just as the transition from agricultural to industrial changed the application of human value from seasonal work on farms to job structures in factories, the increased digitalization of ourselves and the world as we understand it is changing the methodology once again in profound ways. 1

Slowly, but slowly…


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O God! Thou Who art kind. Verily, certain souls have gathered in this meeting turning to Thee with their hearts and spirits. They are seeking the everlasting bounty. They are in need of Thine infinite mercy.

O Lord! Remove the veils from their eyes, and dispel the darkness of ignorance. Confer upon them the light of knowledge and wisdom. Illumine these contrite hearts with the radiance of the Sun of Reality. Make these eyes perceptive through witnessing the lights of Thy sovereignty. Suffer these spirits to rejoice through the great glad tidings, and receive these souls into Thy supreme Kingdom.

O Lord! Verily, we are weak; make us mighty. We are poor; assist us from the treasury of Thy munificence. We are dead; resuscitate us through the breath of the Holy Spirit. We lack patience in tests and in long-suffering; permit us to attain the lights of oneness.

O Lord! Make this assemblage the cause of upraising the standard of the oneness of the world of humanity, and confirm these souls so that they may become the promoters of international peace.

O Lord! Verily, the people are veiled and in a state of contention with each other, shedding the blood and destroying the possessions of each other. Throughout the world there is war and conflict. In every direction there is strife, bloodshed and ferocity.

O Lord! Guide human souls in order that they may turn away from warfare and battle, that they may become loving and kind to each other, that they may enter into affiliation and serve the oneness and solidarity of humanity.

O Lord! The horizons of the world are darkened by this dissension. O God! Illumine them, and through the lights of Thy love let the hearts become radiant. Through the blessing of Thy bestowal resuscitate the spirits until every soul shall perceive and act in accordance with Thy teachings. Thou art the Almighty. Thou art the Omniscient. Thou art the Seer. O Lord, be compassionate to all. 2

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