Jalál, 06 Kamál (Perfection), 179 B.E


There are times when I just look up and, well, when under the wisteria arbor, it looks a little like this:

Noticeably absent are blooms. But I just review photos other people take of their wisterias in bloom and envision mine looking like that. Imagination is such a wonderful thing ;-)


Bit the bullet today and finished five presentations thus completing the set of tutorials about change management, portfolio management, world conference design: introduction and themes, and global solidarity accounting.

Tomorrow, I will post them to Frameworks for Understanding the World, remove all previous versions, restructure the menu so it’s accurate, and remove all no longer used images from the media library. Writing it out like that underscores how it will no doubt be another day of endurance. But I DO want to get it done so I can get on to what’s next!


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Aside from all this, there is need of the stimulus of the joy of glad tidings in human hearts. Certain spiritual attraction is requisite in order that hearts may willingly take the step forward in the divine Cause. We must become attracted to God. The breaths of the Holy Spirit must take effect. Unless this is so, it is impossible for the teachings of God to accomplish in us. An ideal power is necessary. The people of America have remarkably quick perception, intelligence and understanding. Their thoughts are free and not fettered by the yoke of governmental tyranny. They should investigate reality and not be occupied with ancestral forms and imitations. Consider what Christ accomplished. He caused souls to attain a station where with complete willingness and joy they laid down their lives. What a power! Thousands of human souls, in the utmost joy because of their spiritual susceptibilities, were so attracted to God that they were dispossessed of volition, deprived of will in His path. If they had been told simply that sacrifice in the path of God was good and praiseworthy, this would never have happened. They would not have acted. Christ attracted them, wrested the reins of control from them, and they went forth in ecstasy to sacrifice themselves. 1

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