Jamál, 19 Kalimát (Words), 179 B.E


The neighbor’s peach / nectarine tree (Prunus persica) is loaded with fruit this year. They don’t look very appetizing …

But they make for some interesting photo angles…

This article, Step-by-Step Instructions to Grow Nectarines from Seed, gave me some ideas for starting my own trees. I don’t imagine the neighbors will mind if I pick-up a few and try it out!


Quick trip to Detroit today to see how my brother-in-law is doing and take him to his doctor’s appointment tomorrow for a stroke recovery check-up. Our fingers are crossed all goes well!

Turned down Detroit-style pizza for a couple of salami, cheese, and tomato sandwiches—one with mayo and the other with peanut butter (don’t judge!)—for supper. Haven’t had either of them in YEARS. Tastes just as good as I remember, but probably won’t do this again. I may not have that many pizza-eating days left ;-)


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In the physical powers and senses, however, man and the animal are partners. In fact, the animal is often superior to man in sense perception. For instance, the vision of some animals is exceedingly keen and the hearing of others most acute. Consider the instinct of a dog: how much greater than that of man. But, although the animal shares with man all the physical virtues and senses, a spiritual power has been bestowed upon man of which the animal is devoid. This is a proof that there is something in man above and beyond the endowment of the animal—a faculty and virtue peculiar to the human kingdom which is lacking in the lower kingdoms of existence. This is the spirit of man. All these wonderful human accomplishments are due to the efficacy and penetrating power of the spirit of man. If man were bereft of this spirit, none of these accomplishments would have been possible. This is as evident as the sun at midday. 1

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