Jalál, 18 Kalimát (Words), 179 B.E


A tiger bee fly (Xenox tigrinus) seeking out a carpenter bee (Xylocopa virginica) nest (of which there are several in our deck railing!) where it will lay its eggs near the entrance to the nest. I suppose you can guess what happens after the larvae hatch with defenseless carpenter bee pupae nearby inside their nesting holes…

Also important, “They do not bite or sting humans,” at least according to Wikipedia ;-)


Collaborated with my dear colleague, Michael Greenman, to outline an approach for developing a time-based economy and building upon existing timebanking platforms to do it. Here’s what I wrote him:

In reading / re-reading the exchange between you and Chris and reflecting on other related endeavors underway—like the ebbf-IEF-sponsored Global Solidarity Accounting (GSA) initiative I mentioned to you a while back—the window of opportunity is opening to establish TIME as the primary currency / medium of exchange in whatever post-monetary financial / economic system we humans eventually put into place.

Now, this new system isn’t going to be up and running overnight—it will probably not get there in our lifetimes—but I do think the basic logic behind it will be worked out and a framework for it to evolve within will be in place over the next few years. Furthermore, I consider Global Rebirth / HTW and ebbf / IEF / GSA and hOurworld / TimeBanks.Org and myriad organizations focused on major systems change in response to global conditions to be well-positioned for active collaboration in advancing this logic and framework.

So, my goal is to keep putting this topic of time as the basic currency / medium of exchange for the emerging new global economy into “conversation” and moving the development process along as best I can. I’ve accepted an invitation to be a member of the International Environment Forum which comes with a personal blog page on its website. Folks there have encouraged me to write about this topic. If I do, I would like to link / cross-post to other websites I tend as well, such as GAVNet / Global Rebirth / HTW and Frameworks for Understanding the World, and Micro.blog. Each of these also notify Twitter, Facebook, and / or Mastodon when I make a post so the messages to get “out there.”

Writing this now, I’m feeling both purposeful AND overwhelmed!


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How wonderful is the spirit of man! One of the mysteries of natural phenomena is electricity. Man has discovered this illimitable power and made it captive to his uses. How many of nature’s secrets have been penetrated and revealed! Columbus, while in Spain, discovered America. Man has accurately determined that the sun is stationary while the earth revolves about it. The animal cannot do this. Man perceives the mirage to be an illusion. This is beyond the power of the animal. The animal can only know through sense impressions and cannot grasp intellectual realities. The animal cannot conceive of the power of thought. This is an abstract intellectual matter and not limited to the senses. The animal is incapable of knowing that the earth is round. In brief, abstract intellectual phenomena are human powers. All creation below the kingdom of man is the captive of nature; it cannot deviate in the slightest degree from nature’s laws. But man wrests the sword of dominion from nature’s hand and uses it upon nature’s head. For example, it is a natural exigency that man should be a dweller upon the earth, but the power of the human spirit transcends this limitation, and he soars aloft in airplanes. This is contrary to the law and requirement of nature. He sails at high speed upon the ocean and dives beneath its surface in submarines. He imprisons the human voice in a phonograph and communicates in the twinkling of an eye from East to West. These are things we know to be contrary to the limitations of natural law. Man transcends nature, while the mineral, vegetable and animal are helplessly subject to it. This can be done only through the power of the spirit, because the spirit is the reality. 1

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