Istiqlál, 15 Rahmat (Mercy), 179 B.E


A sprig of Japanese meadowsweet (Spiraea japonica) has rooted itself in between stones in one of our landscape features:

Leave it to nature to seek and exploit every opportunity for life to take hold!


Worked on the timeline spreadsheet for the 1987 - 2002 period when collaborating with Ron Leonard. 1987 and 1988 are complete. I may get 1989 done tomorrow which will complete the first of three phases in the timeline. We have another trip to Detroit coming up and I may need to finish it after we return.


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By what means can man acquire these things? How shall he obtain these merciful gifts and powers? First, through the knowledge of God. Second, through the love of God. Third, through faith. Fourth, through philanthropic deeds. Fifth, through self-sacrifice. Sixth, through severance from this world. Seventh, through sanctity and holiness. Unless he acquires these forces and attains to these requirements, he will surely be deprived of the life that is eternal. But if he possesses the knowledge of God, becomes ignited through the fire of the love of God, witnesses the great and mighty signs of the Kingdom, becomes the cause of love among mankind and lives in the utmost state of sanctity and holiness, he shall surely attain to second birth, be baptized by the Holy Spirit and enjoy everlasting existence. 1

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