Jalál, 02 Rahmat (Mercy), 179 B.E


Visited a forever family friend this afternoon and toured her flower gardens. Colorful blooms of harlequin flowers (Sparaxis tricolor) with white common yarrow (Achillea millefolium) above and purple garden petunia (Petunia atkinsiana) below.

So beautiful!


Detroit: Day Fourteen. We decided to start taste testing Detroit-style pizzas (with antipasto salad on the side) actually made in the Detroit metro area. We started with those restaurants with which we are most familiar as a family: Shield’s, Buddy’s, Loui’s, and Jet’s. Unlike other family members, I had not had Shield’s before, so that was tonight’s selection:

Despite how great Shield’s looks and tastes, Loui’s is the pizza to beat followed by Buddy’s, then Jet’s and Shields tied for third. But we have others we want to try before the final ranking is made.

Bear in mind, though, it’s purely subjective. Don’t take my word for it, try them all for yourselves — if you like pizza, you can’t possibly go wrong!


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The body of the human world is sick. Its remedy and healing will be the oneness of the kingdom of humanity. Its life is the Most Great Peace. Its illumination and quickening is love. Its happiness is the attainment of spiritual perfections. It is my wish and hope that in the bounties and favors of the Blessed Perfection we may find a new life, acquire a new power and attain to a wonderful and supreme source of energy so that the Most Great Peace of divine intention shall be established upon the foundations of the unity of the world of men with God. May the love of God be spread from this city, from this meeting to all the surrounding countries. Nay, may America become the distributing center of spiritual enlightenment, and all the world receive this heavenly blessing! For America has developed powers and capacities greater and more wonderful than other nations. While it is true that its people have attained a marvelous material civilization, I hope that spiritual forces may animate this great body and a corresponding spiritual civilization be established. May the inhabitants of this country become like angels of heaven with faces turned continually toward God. May all of them become the servants of the Omnipotent One. May they rise from present material attainments to such a height that heavenly illumination may stream from this center to all the peoples of the world. 1

  1. ʻAbduʼl-Bahá. The Promulgation of Universal Peace: Talks Delivered by ʻAbduʼl-Bahá during His Visit to the United States and Canada in 1912. Edited by Howard MacNutt. 2nd ed. Wilmette, Ill: Baháʼí Publishing Trust, 1982, 19-20. https://www.bahai.org/library/authoritative-texts/abdul-baha/promulgation-universal-peace/2#578408883 [return]