Istijlál, 19 ‘Núr (Light), 179 B.E


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Detroit: Day Twelve. All the cleaning and organizing being done by my partner and her brother in their family home inspired me to start applying a framework I developed to guide me through the sorting process of my digital “stuff.”

For example, over the years I have bookmarked quite literally THOUSANDS of webpages and files on multiple platforms like Evernote, Diigo, Pocket, Notes, Zotero, and Keep along with several browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Brave. Most of the time I was haphazard with tags and folders — many times not adding or filing them at all or being in consistent with the naming convention.

To get me going, I tackled the pile of over 17,000 Evernote “notes” moving still “live” bookmarks for articles to Zotero so I can take advantage of its bibliographic features and reserving Evernote for outlining writing projects and setting up tasks and calendar events that support them. Today, I eliminated nearly 1,000 “notes.” It may not be much when compared to what’s in the pile, but it’s definitely better than continuing to procrastinate!


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In brief, the nations of the world are becoming united under the sovereignty of the divine Kingdom. The East and the West are embracing here in love and affection today. This is not a commercial or political unity, but unity through the love of God. We have crossed the sea to spread that love in America, to announce the call of the Kingdom, to establish the spiritual foundations of international peace. Although men may arise against the Kingdom, the dominion and sovereignty of God will be set up. It is an eternal Kingdom, a divine sovereignty. In His day Christ was called Satan, Beelzebub, but hear the bells now ringing for Him! He was the Word of God and not Satan. They mocked Him, led Him through the city upon a donkey, crowned Him with thorns, spat upon His blessed face and crucified Him, but He is now with God and in God because He was the Word and not Satan. Fifty years ago no one would touch the Christian Bible in Persia. Bahá’u’lláh came and asked, “Why?” They said, “It is not the Word of God.” He said, “You must read it with understanding of its meanings, not as those who merely recite its words.” Now Bahá’ís all over the East read the Bible and understand its spiritual teaching. Bahá’u’lláh spread the Cause of Christ and opened the book of the Christians and Jews. He removed the barriers of names. He proved that all the divine Prophets taught the same reality and that to deny One is to deny the Others, for all are in perfect oneness with God. 1

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