Istiqlál, 06 ‘Núr (Light), 179 B.E


In my “Daily Log” entry for 15 October 2021, I included a photo of some burdock leaves. One of the references about it stated that in its second year it could grow 3-6 feet tall with short, flowering side stems. So, here’s an update:

Looks like everything in the burdock patch is right on schedule. Several stalks have already topped the three-foot mark. I’m still debating how long I leave the flowers before clipping them so they don’t get into their “velcro stage.”


Today, my brother-in-law suspended his occupation and physical therapies up to 90-days to see if he misses them or sees the value of continuing. This caps a week that has seen him struggling with the darker side of recovery, most notably, “changes in behavior after a stroke.” In fact, his behavior changes are what triggered the recollection of what happened to my uncle as I noted in yesterday’s “Daily Log” post for 09 June 2022.

Despite all we’ve learned over the past century about the structure, function, and performance of the brain and the personality it projects — be it in an anatomical, physiological, neurological, mental, and / or psychological sense — there’s still so much we don’t know. We’re left with more questions than answers when something goes awry.

What really strikes me is how distant the knowledge base about the brain is from patients and their caregivers who deal directly with the consequences of its anomalies—at least in the area of stroke recovery. I consider this to be yet another indicator of design failure within our current healthcare system in the US. And when seen through the lens of social and economic justice, such failures to deliver these basic needs to the most vulnerable only exacerbates the harm done to all. No wonder people feel disenfranchised, discounted, and dismissed — and all too often reactions to those feelings contribute to another public health crisis: gun violence.

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