’Idál, 14 Jamál (Beauty), 179 B.E


We have an American wisteria (Wisteria frutescens) vine growing on an arbor for well over ten years, now. NO. BLOOMS. In disgust, I cut it way back over the winter. TWO. BLOOMS! Who knew?!

My partner snapped this using the branches as a frame:

I caught the light at the end of the afternoon to highlight one of the blooms in a close-up:


Documented my daily workflows that keep me at the computer so I can track how many I complete and how long it takes me to do each one. So far, it looks like three go to two different WordPress sites and one to Micro.blog, three go to social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Mastodon), with additional workflows for email correspondence (family and friends) and online “research” (the story I tell myself).

I allow myself six hours to do it all so I have time to for other things that are as important if not more so depending on circumstances.

So far, I’ve been able to check all the boxes for 31 days in a row—that’s like one month which feels like a big deal.

However, I have more computer work that I want to get done, yet I don’t want to devote much more than six hours doing it. So, my focus now will be to streamline the processes for what I do manage to get done so I have more time to explore different avenues. Of course, this means my brain and body will have to agree to it. Maybe they will … let’s hope so!


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This variety in forms and colorings which is manifest in all the kingdoms is according to creative wisdom and has a divine purpose. Nevertheless, whether the creatures be all alike or all different should not be the cause of strife and quarreling among them. Especially why should man find cause for discord in the color or race of his fellow creature? No educated or illumined mind will allow that this differentiation and discord should exist or that there is any ground for it. Therefore, the whites should be just and kind to the blacks, who in turn should reflect an equal measure of appreciation and gratitude. Then will the world become as one great garden of flowering humanity, variegated and multicolored, rivaling each other only in the virtues and graces which are spiritual. 1

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