Fidál, 06 Jamál (Beauty), 179 B.E


Yikes! My rhubarb is bolting!

Those seed stalks are goners!


Doubled up on a couple of daily posts in advance of an upcoming road trip to Detroit. I’m ready to call it a day!


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Association for Bahá’í Studies North America, 46th Annual Conference, July 29-31, 2022

The overarching objective of the ABS conference is to serve as an uplifting, welcoming space to explore learning about contributing to academic and professional discourses essential to the generation of knowledge and the progress of humanity. As one among a growing constellation of ABS activities concerned with promoting the intellectual life of the community, it aims to foster an animated conversation among diverse participants about how “to provide, in the world of ideas, the intellectual rigour and clarity of thought to match their commitment to spiritual and material progress in the world of deeds.”

The conference is seeking presentations on themes in relationship to academic and professional discourses that explore how to more effectively:

  • “explicate the principles [the community] advocates and to demonstrate their applicability to the issues facing humanity”
  • articulate “the implications that the teachings hold for [the presenters’] fields of human endeavour” as well as “a Bahá’í perspective on issues relevant to the progress of humanity”
  • strive to obtain “a more adequate understanding of the significance of Bahá’u’lláh’s stupendous Revelation”
  • “contribute to the discourses that influence the direction of [spiritual and material] progress”
  • “champion rationality and science as essential for human progress”
  • incorporate the arts “as an important means of generating joy, strengthening bonds of unity, disseminating knowledge and consolidating understanding”
  • focus “on transcending differences, harmonizing perspectives, and promoting the use of consultation”
  • advocate “tolerance and understanding” and view “everyone as a potential partner to collaborate with”
  • Remain “conscious of how the forces of materialism are at work” and “the many injustices that persist in the world”, yet “equally clear sighted about the creative power of unity and humanity’s capacity for altruism”.

*All quotations are from the 30 December 2021 message of the Universal House of Justice