Jamál, 16 Jalál (Glory), 179 B.E


Kaido crab apple blooms in morning sunlight…


During this month, I have posted information to Greener Acres Value Network News about the Bahá’í conferences underway. These community gatherings constitute the starting point for a Nine Year Plan that marks the onset of a 25-year cycle in a far-reaching, evolutionary social transformation process that will eventually embrace everyone in the world. This Nine Year Plan just now underway is the most recent within an overarching “Divine Plan” envisioned by ’Abdul-Bahá and launched by Shoghi Effendi, Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith, in 1937 with the 1st Seven Year Plan. As it has so far and will no doubt continue for decades to come, The Divine Plan spans the Bahá’í Era which is punctuated by ages, epochs, stages—and sequential plans of varying length— each tailored to take advantage of developing capacity and capabilities within the Bahá’í community in concert with emerging opportunities afforded by initial conditions at the time each goes into effect.

I remain curious about how people become aware of these plans as they are introduced and get involved in successfully carrying them out. To do so demands two “technology tools” that function seamlessly with one another. First, social networking whereby people feel invited, welcomed, and appreciated for their participation; and second, frameworks for engagement wherein people see why the effort is important, how to join in and make a positive difference, and what happens as a result.

The experiment I have underway now is to see how much activity can be generated with Twitter as the principle social networking platform. Next, over the next few days, I will post a new “presentation” on Frameworks for Understanding the World that can be used to guide activity on the social network and measure the results in terms of social change. This will be fun!


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A prominent feature of the epoch that now ends was the erection of the last of the continental Houses of Worship and the initiation of projects to establish Houses of Worship at the national and local levels. Much has been learned, by Bahá’ís the world over, about the concept of the Mashriqu’l-Adhkár and the union of worship and service it embodies. During the sixth epoch of the Formative Age, much more will be learned about the path that leads from the development within a community of a flourishing devotional life—and the service which it inspires—to the appearance of a Mashriqu’l-Adhkár. Consultations are beginning with various National Spiritual Assemblies, and as these proceed, we will periodically announce places where a Bahá’í House of Worship will be raised up in the coming years. 1

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