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The seventh slide in the presentation, Let Your Vision Be World-Embracing, expands upon the term “oneness” by associating it with Bahá’u’lláh’s vision of the ultimate condition achieved by humanity as time unfolds far into the future.

A quick word search for “oneness” in the Bahá’í Reference Library generates over 7800 instances where it or its diminutive “one” is used in the texts. It is a dense term given to a wide range of meaning that can accommodate the perspectives of 8 billion + people. It warrants unpacking to make more sense of its complexities.

One way to approach this task is to regard the oneness of humanity from the vantage point of organizing principles such as unity, love, and justice. When the majority of people within communities orient themselves toward those three principles, the social systems that emerge and develop will produce behavior patterns that exemplify “oneness” which is in stark contrast to what happens within the social systems we live in today.

In later postings I will provide several examples of how I applied those same three principles with remarkable effectiveness to the strategic framing and organization design work I did during my 35-year consulting practice. For the moment, though, consider the document “The Promise of World Peace” as an introductory exploration of “oneness” in all its intricacies and nuances. See the “Quoted” section below for an example taken from this text.

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The experience of the Bahá’í community may be seen as an example of this enlarging unity. It is a community of some three to four million people drawn from many nations, cultures, classes and creeds, engaged in a wide range of activities serving the spiritual, social and economic needs of the peoples of many lands. It is a single social organism, representative of the diversity of the human family, conducting its affairs through a system of commonly accepted consultative principles, and cherishing equally all the great outpourings of divine guidance in human history. Its existence is yet another convincing proof of the practicality of its Founder’s vision of a united world, another evidence that humanity can live as one global society, equal to whatever challenges its coming of age may entail. If the Bahá’í experience can contribute in whatever measure to reinforcing hope in the unity of the human race, we are happy to offer it as a model for study. 1

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