Fidál, 16 Bahá (Splendor), 179 B.E


A rainy afternoon, but that helps the rhubarb grow …


  • Reduced my inbox to zero, again!
  • Stayed current on email correspondence!
  • Completed postings to GAVNet News before noon!
  • Edited Framework for Understanding the World
    • Updated reference to the Nine Year Plan
    • Started a new table of terms in the glossary
    • Added “Social Transformation” to the new table to see how it works

So weit, so gut!


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It is apparent that the crisis of contemporary civilization is impelling thinkers in many lands to explore new scholarly methodologies capable of coming to grips with spiritual, moral, cultural, and social phenomena not hitherto encountered. No segment of humanity is so well equipped as the Bahá’í community to take a leading role in this effort. As a body of people who are being steadily freed by the Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh from the “gravitational pull”, so to speak, of the cultures in which their habits of mind have been formed, the community already has a unique approach to the exploration of reality. This approach needs to be sharply honed as an ever more effective instrument of social transformation. The devising of the new scholarly paradigm called for by this circumstance offers a priceless opportunity of service and achievement to those Bahá’ís who enjoy the dual gifts of spiritual faith and intellectual faculties trained in the best that contemporary society has to offer. 1

  1. National Spiritual Assembly of Canada. “Issues Related to the Study of the Bahá’í Faith.” Bahá’í Reference Library, National Spiritual Assembly of the United States, 1999, [return]