’Idál, 03 Bahá (Splendor), 179 B.E


Magnolia buds about to bloom …


Today, another exchange among colleagues about adding new entries to the “Resource Connections” table offered an opportunity to explain how to connect nodes and build networks using social media platforms.

First, go to the Climate Analytics website. It has now been added to the “Resource Connections” page on GAVNet.

Second, Climate Analytics has a Twitter feed. Now, How’s the Weather? @GlobalRebirth44 “follows” Climate Analytics. Furthermore, the Climate Analytics article, “From volcanic eruptions to tropical cyclones - adaptation and disaster risk reduction are still a question of finance for small islands” was added to the Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/23/2022 and its Twitter feed.

Third, on March 17, Climate Analytics “retweeted” a post made by IISD Resilience. This site has also been added to the “Resource Connections” page on GAVNet. To draw further attention to IISD, its publication, “Phaseout Pathways for Fossil Fuel Production Within Paris-Compliant Carbon Budgets | International Institute for Sustainable Development ,” will be added to the Daily Bookmarks on GAVNet News and its Twitter feed.

Fourth, IISD Resilience also has a Twitter feed which How’s the Weather? @GlobalRebirth44 now “follows.”

Fifth, IISD Resilience is the secretariat for the NAP Global Network. This site has now been added to the “Resource Connections” page on GAVNet. The NAP Global Network also has a Twitter feed which How’s the Weather? @GlobalRebirth44 now “follows.”

Sixth, The article, “ Addressing climate change through integrated responses ” was originally posted on the International Climate Initiative website “Addressing climate change through integrated responses - Internationale Klimaschutzinitiative (IKI) ,” which is also onTwitter and “followed” by How’s the Weather? @GlobalRebirth44. It was added to the Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/23/2022 and its Twitter feed.

So, starting with one link we now have four additions to the “Resource Connections” page and four “follows” by How’s the Weather? @GlobalRebirth44. And the Twitter feeds for each one of those opens up possibilities for connections to more and more nodes in the network. Yeah, it’s a big deal!

But following others represent only half of the connectivity we want with these groups. Ideally, they “follow” us back. Then, whenever we make a tweet / post information to our How’s the Weather? @GlobalRebirth44 account, all those who follow us will receive a notification. That’s how we close the communication loop with other nodes in our network. This is why it’s important when you contact others ask them to “follow” us on How’s the Weather? @GlobalRebirth44. Then we can keep them apprised of what we’re doing, how it’s going, what’s next, etc. and they can retweet that to their network nodes, and so on. Who knows—we might even have something “go viral”— it’s a possibility!

On that note of optimism, just keep connecting. We have 8 BILLION PEOPLE — nodes in the human network — to reach “and miles to go before [we] sleep.” 1


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The primary, the most urgent requirement is the promotion of education. It is inconceivable that any nation should achieve prosperity and success unless this paramount, this fundamental concern is carried forward. The principal reason for the decline and fall of peoples is ignorance. Today the mass of the people are uninformed even as to ordinary affairs, how much less do they grasp the core of the important problems and complex needs of the time.

It is therefore urgent that beneficial articles and books be written, clearly and definitely establishing what the present-day requirements of the people are, and what will conduce to the happiness and advancement of society. These should be published and spread throughout the nation, so that at least the leaders among the people should become, to some degree, awakened, and arise to exert themselves along those lines which will lead to their abiding honor. The publication of high thoughts is the dynamic power in the arteries of life; it is the very soul of the world. Thoughts are a boundless sea, and the effects and varying conditions of existence are as the separate forms and individual limits of the waves; not until the sea boils up will the waves rise and scatter their pearls of knowledge on the shore of life. 2

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