Jamál, 19 ‘Alá’ (Loftiness), 178 B.E.


Buds upon buds and blue skies …

What a great way to greet the first hours of spring!


Completed the third test of posting workflows. I’m calling them good for now. Next up is to expand my reporting on the impact of global conferences through indicators of social change in their localities. This is going to be fun!


A beautiful piece of calcite from Ohio that Astral Prospecting found …

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Besides the systematic training of teachers for successive grades, institutes will need to learn about the formation of classes for distinct age groups in villages and neighbourhoods; the provision of teachers for various classes; the retention of students year after year, grade after grade; and the continued progress of children from a wide variety of households and backgrounds—in short, the establishment of an expanding, sustainable system for child education that will keep pace with both the growing concern among parents for their youngsters to develop sound moral structures and the rise in human resources in the community. The task, while immense, is relatively straightforward, and we urge institutes everywhere to give it the attention which it so clearly deserves, focusing especially on the implementation of the first three grades of the programme and remembering that the quality of the teaching-learning experience depends, to a great extent, on the capabilities of the teacher. 1

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