Kamál, 04 Ayyám-i-Há (Intercalary Days), 178 B.E.


A memory-jogger for my sister and brother-in-law …

They so loved eating here!


Corresponded with people who know what they’re doing on WT. Social to help figure out why a post I made disappeared. We’re still trying to figure it out.

Embedded a video in a post on WT.Social for the first time—YAY!

Continued to populate some of the news sources “clusters” I started—this is kind of fun!

Cooked up my first potato, ham, and green bean casserole totally from scratch just using ingredients I had on hand with NO recipe. My partner in life said it tasted great—that’s like winning the Great British Bake Off. Well, maybe that’s a little bit of hyperbole ;-)


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This exploration of the centrality of education to a community founded on Bahá’í principles would be incomplete without a further observation. Shoghi Effendi has laid great stress on the importance of striving, through “constant endeavour”, to obtain “a more adequate understanding of the significance of Bahá’u’lláh’s stupendous Revelation”. The training institute has no parallel as an instrument for the systematic exposure of limitless numbers of souls to the life-giving waters of the Revelation and the inexhaustible meaning of the Word of God. But the friends’ efforts to increase their understanding of the Faith and its teachings are of course not limited to participation in the institute process. Indeed, one strong indicator of an institute’s effectiveness is the thirst it cultivates within those who engage with its materials to continue to study the Cause of Bahá’u’lláh—individually, but also collectively, whether in formal spaces created by the institutions or in more informal settings. Beyond the study of the Revelation itself, the implications that the teachings hold for countless fields of human endeavour are of great importance. A notable example of one form of education through which young believers are becoming better acquainted with a Bahá’í perspective on issues relevant to the progress of humanity is participation in the seminars offered by the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity. Given the vastness of the ocean of the Revelation, it will be apparent that exploring its depths is a lifelong occupation of every soul who would tread the path of service. 1

  1. Universal House of Justice. “To the Conference of the Continental Boards of Counsellors.” Bahá’í Reference Library, 30 Dec. 2021, https://www.bahai.org/library/authoritative-texts/the-universal-house-of-justice/messages/20211230_001/1#758524503 [return]