’Idál, 18 Mulk (Dominion), 178 B.E.


Wintercreeper (Euonymus fortunei)

Apparently, attractive as it is amid the colorlessness of late winter, it is often classified as an invasive species …


Weekly phone call with my longstanding colleague, Bill Fulkerson. Our conversation explored how to utilize the WT.Social platform to experiment with collaborative information ecosystems. More specifically, how to setup subwikis about topics whereby each subwiki features an easily accessed cluster of interconnected organizations and individuals that make the news about the topic at hand. Interested parties can find the latest developments quickly rather than depending on others to keep the articles up to date. And by being a collaborative cluster, visitors can easily add other organizations and individuals they identify as having relevance. That increases the value of the cluster as a key information source for the topic of the subwiki.

Zoom call with Tony Budak about how to encourage members in the TimeBank Mahoning Watershed (TBMW) and participants in the Raising the Value of Learning (RVL) Time Bank to log their time providing various services to each other and within the community. Doing so documents a prospective value for services rendered by each timebank that can be used as in-kind / non-cash contributions in meeting grant proposal requirements where permitted.

Exchanges with Michael Greenman on Signal, Mastodon, and WT.Social so we can learn how to use them more effectively. It takes us a while to catch on, but we will get there!


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A greater expression of the society-building power of the Faith requires, first and foremost, still further advances in the process of entry by troops in every part of the world. The essentially spiritual undertakings of diffusing the light of Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation ever more widely and extending the roots of His Faith ever more deeply into the soil of society have measurable outcomes: the number of clusters where a programme of growth has been initiated and the degree of intensity that each has reached. The means now exist for a swift advance in relation to both measures. The goal that the community of the Greatest Name must aspire to fulfil during the current series of global Plans is to establish intensive programmes of growth in all the clusters in the world. This formidable objective implies a broadening and intensification of activity on a scale never witnessed. Rapid progress towards this goal must be achieved in the course of the Nine Year Plan. 1

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