’Idál, 04 Mulk (Dominion), 178 B.E.


Another beautiful start to the day …


Rewrote the portfolio information on the GAVNet TimeBank home page for categories and types of services associated with the “requests” for each project so the terminology remains consistent with the hOurworld “standard” rather than inventing new terms that basically mean the same thing. Of course, none of what I’ve just said will make sense to those who have no experience with timebanking, in general, or with the hOurworld system, specifically.

Tomorrow, I plan to complete reformatting the page so it offers just enough guidance to whomever wants to participate so they can get on with it. Then, I’ll rely on feedback from those who try it out to tell me what’s incorrect, incomplete, or unnecessarily confusing. Almost there!


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As the intensity of community-building work in a cluster increases, the friends there inevitably become more conscious of social, economic, or cultural barriers that are impeding people’s spiritual and material progress. Children and junior youth lacking support in their education, pressures on girls resulting from traditional customs related to early marriage, families needing help with navigating unfamiliar systems of healthcare, a village struggling for want of some basic necessity, or long-standing prejudices arising from a legacy of hostility between different groups—when a Bahá’í community’s efforts in the field of expansion and consolidation bring it into contact with these situations and many others, it will be drawn to respond to such realities as its circumstances permit. In reflecting on such situations it becomes evident that, within clusters, expansion and consolidation, social action, and contributing to prevalent discourses are dimensions of a single, unified, outward-looking endeavour carried out at the grassroots of society. All these efforts are pursued according to a common framework for action, and this above all else brings coherence to the overall pattern of activity. 1

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