Istiqlál, 18 Sultán (Sovereignty), 178 B.E.


Snow storm’s over …

Kudos to the township road crew for keeping our streets clear, but that doesn’t make the two-foot bank of briny, half-frozen slush the snowplow kicks up at the end of the driveway any less arduous to remove—one heavy shovelful at a time ;-)


Aside from snow removal, I interacted with colleagues about their pet projects. We used ClickUp, Signal, Google Voice, cell phones, email, and text messages, along with references to websites for information that supplements our mostly asynchronous communications. It is striking how difficult such task-oriented communication can be even among the most practiced at it! Complex projects can easily overwhelm the best of those committed to the success of their endeavors, especially when the average participant age is 70 — a condition exacerbated by the use of complicated “tools” to manage those projects. However, this challenge extends far beyond age-related limitations within comparatively wealthy populations to be more the norm worldwide. This is particularly so as the global majority struggle with availability and access to such sophisticated technologies. So the question on the table is: how does one define, present, and support a project such that those with the least capacity and capability who want to contribute to its success can do so and be acknowledged for it?

I’ll leave it at that for today …


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Social change is not a project that one group of people carries out for the benefit of another. The scope and complexity of social action must be commensurate with the human resources available in a village or neighbourhood to carry it forward. Efforts best begin, then, on a modest scale and grow organically as capacity within the population develops. Capacity rises to new levels, of course, as the protagonists of social change learn to apply with increasing effectiveness elements of Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation, together with the contents and methods of science, to their social reality. This reality they must strive to read in a manner consistent with His teachings—seeing in their fellow human beings gems of inestimable value and recognizing the effects of the dual process of integration and disintegration on both hearts and minds, as well as on social structures. 1

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