Kamál, 07 Sultán (Sovereignty), 178 B.E.


Just before sunrise …

And a few minutes later …


Refined the daily task flows in ClickUp. Definitely, one’s time takes a hit when adopting a new platform! And then there’s even more time consumed sticking to the schedule imposed by the work / task flows. This is getting to be like a real job ;-)


Rest In Peace: Edgar S. Cahn, a major contributor to the advancement of time-based currencies and founder of TimeBankUSA, passed away yesterday at age 86.

I think we are all endowed with a sense of injustice, with an ability to recognize and respond to disparities, which we should not tolerate, to respond and to recognize unfairness. — Edgar Cahn

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As the friends gain experience in social and economic development, and as they advance in their studies of various branches of learning or in their professional fields, individuals arise in every continent who have expertise in some aspect of development work and who wish to offer their services to projects at home or abroad. If their energies are not channelled effectively, and they are not given a realistic picture of Bahá’í development efforts, these friends will later become frustrated when they realize that the capacity of Bahá’í projects overseas to utilize their talents and services is limited.

For this reason, it is important that conferences, seminars and promotional materials not reinforce an image of “development projects” as understood by society at large. Bahá’í efforts in this field generally take the form of grassroots initiatives carried out by small groups of believers in the towns and villages where they reside. As these initiatives are nurtured, some grow into more substantial programs with permanent administrative structures. Yet very few can be compared with the kind of complex projects promoted and funded by government agencies and large nongovernmental organizations. 1

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