Jamál, 06 Sultán (Sovereignty), 178 B.E.


Fresh snow this morning!


Continued to play with ClickUp—it’s getting easier to figure out the project management features, which are quite extensive. I’m still having difficulty using it to develop content. But maybe being a project management platform is sufficient.

Wrote a welcome message for new members to the Global Rebirth group on Signal. Looking forward to seeing how far this effort can go!


Seen on Astral Prospecting’s morning hike …

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Strive as much as possible to become proficient in the science of agriculture, for in accordance with the divine teachings the acquisition of sciences and the perfection of arts are considered acts of worship. If a man engageth with all his power in the acquisition of a science or in the perfection of an art, it is as if he has been worshiping God in churches and temples. Thus as thou enterest a school of agriculture and strivest in the acquisition of that science thou art day and night engaged in acts of worship—acts that are accepted at the threshold of the Almighty. What bounty greater than this, that science should be considered as an act of worship and art as service to the Kingdom of God. 1 2

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